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    • Oral history interviews, Kuhaulua, Jesse

Oral History Transcripts
  • Sumo legend Takamiyama (Jesse Kuhaulua) talks about his early years on Maui at Baldwin High School, when his football coach Larry Shishido encouraged him take up sumo to improve his football skills. His winning bouts at amateur sumo tournaments under the guidance of Isamu Ogasawara impressed not only his mother, but also the 442nd Club, whose members saw his potential in a professional sumo career. He talks about how he was unaware of high-level discussions about his future in Japan, between notable Hawaii Nisei such as Katsugo Miho and Ralph Yempuku and Japanese sumo dignitaries visiting Hawaii. At that time, he was already in the Army National Guard as a high school graduate and considering a career in the police. He describes the first three years of training, and his determination to achieve longevity in his career. At age 71, he is humble about his legendary career, respectful of the traditions in sumo, candid about his life in Japan, and frank about his falling short of reaching his goal of wrestling until age 40.
Physical Description:
    • 20 leaves ;
    • [manuscript].
  • Interview date: July 30, 2015. Interview conducted by Mel Inamasu, John Okutani, and Jane Kurahara for Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i.
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